A good temporary is self-employed, capable of working together, knows the job role and sets the level of professionalism.


One of the biggest advantages to sourcing talent from local staffing agencies is that the pressure isn’t directly on you if things don’t go according to plan. If your staff member is under performing, or you don’t have enough funds to keep them employed, the headache of moving them on to another company is not yours to suffer.


Flexibility is a major plus when hiring temporary staff, especially if your business is subject to project fluctuations. It enables you to simply hire people when you need them most, then cut back on staff when things get quieter again. Hiring a number of temporary staff gives you the ideal opportunity to diversify your services; as you can bring in talent from all areas. Rather than committing to paying several full-time salaries, you only need to worry about paying on a part-time temporary basis, which gives you a lot more flexibility with your budget. Of course, as things progress, you’ll want to hire talented individuals on a more permanent basis. However, there’s no doubt that temporary staff can provide fantastic flexibility when you’re getting started.


Believe it or not, there are plenty of people who actively seek temporary positions, as it works well with their current lifestyle. Some may be between jobs and simply seeking a salary to bridge the gap. Others may only want part-time temporary employment to work around their families. As a result, they’re motivated to do the job, because they like the transience and lack of permanence that the position offers. It works for them as much as it does for you.

Become temporary


As a temporay you will be able to support projects. You will have the opportunity to concentrate on task that your are specilized in doing, and you will learn more about yourself and your skills. At the same time, you can use the job as a temporary to inspire others.

We offer both short and long-term temporary possitions supporting projects. In addition, we are looking for temporaries within engineering, design and supervision of capital projects.

PMOffice has been in the marked for two decades and always has ongoing job opportunities. As an affiliate, you will be continuously contacted with job offers that match the profile we have made with you, professional saving and participation in academic and social events.

Do you want to be a temporary worker? How to do it:

Click “Subscribe to PMOffice Job Portal”
Click “Subscribe to PMOffice Job Portal”
Follow the instructions and make your profile
NOTE! We receive many new profiles and hold many conversations every single week. Therefore, we can not guarantee how long will be before you receive answers to your profile.

Hire a temporary


PMOffice offers skilled and experienced temporarys within project management, qualification, engineering, design and supervision for short and long-term. All the temporary workers are selected on the basis of their competencies, which means that they can not only fill the job role, but also add value – for the client organization.
As a substitute you will be able to sniff into different kinds of work. You will have the opportunity to concentrate on the children and the users, and you will learn more about yourself and your skills. At the same time, you can use the job as a substitute to empower you or to inspire others.


When a need arises for a temporary, the customer contacts the PMOffice by telephone or mail, explaining the desired coverage. Based on this, PVB selects a broker that matches the customer’s needs and subsequently a free meeting of the customer is held with the client, where the customer decides whether they want cooperation.


PMOffice hires and pays the payer – which means that the customer only pays a fixed hourly rate for the exact number of hours spent by the customer at the customer – and not for any preparation or other forms of supplement, sickness benefit or g-day. Contact us for information on current prices.


Call us for your need, and we will do our outmost to fullfill your need within days or hours.

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